Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Collection The Tree Of Life

Each of our clothing are made with awareness and each collection has been thought, analyzed and developed to generate an innovative concept in baby fashion is to sow a new awakening of the senses in a spiritual and emotional both our children and each member of the family.

This collection I have called the Tree of life as it represents:

The Cycle of Life

The Birth: Represented by its deep roots. Our life, represented by the trunk that grows towards the sky.

The branches: With their innumerable bifurcations, represent the road crossings that we find ourselves through life and that constantly force us to make decisions and growth (personal and spiritual).

“The tree of life”collection is made of materials such as cotton, rayon, velvet, polyester, knitted.

This collection are inspired by the change of the leaves not the trees in autumn and winter: We have green pine, red pomegranate, orange arce palmatum ,coffe ginko biloba,yellow aspen, coffee bald cypress, Katsura mixed colors in the same pattern with touches in Scottish Delicate touches in silk and satin and fine jewelry that give a touch of elegance and luxury to each of our clothes

Each collection we add a jewel with a special meaning, this time we have chosen the jewel of the tree of life that represents protection, attracts positive energies to its bearer and everyone around it

“The tree of life” our clothing an awakening of the senses in our little ones as is the aromatherapy adapted to our clothing in an ecological and non-toxic way to help preserve the environment and take care of the delicate skins of our little ones, our fragrances last up to 7 washes and if they are not washed continuously their aroma can last long period of time even months.

We have already launched in the summer the fragrances of lemon and jasmine in this new collection of autumn-winter we welcome you to the fragrance rose-lavander with fresh and relaxing touches to help our little ones to maintain the balance between the harmony of nature and the tranquility of the aromas of these beautiful plants.

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