This collection was born from a dream since I was a child, I always dreamed that one day I would have a girl and dress her like a princess, finally the princess of the fairy tale was born and gave me the inspiration to create this collection that came from my dreams

This collection is made of rich 100% cotton fibers for the help and preservation of the environment, in different materials and different ranges of earth colors such as yellow sun, fire red, coffee trees, autumn gray, black the night, green of the olive trees, white of the clouds, blue of the sky, pink macaroni, beige and camel of the sand of the sea, with this range of colors we want to reflect that dreams can come true, that we take them down from the cloud of our imagination and we transform them into reality on earth.

We use a variety of fabrics, such as: knitting, hand knitting, crochet and cashmere, we implement high quality Swarovski jewelry and stones, one by one with embroidery made entirely by mothers who dreamed and believed with us, the make this dream come true.

We believe faithfully that everything can be possible, that everything we imagine can be reality, that what you want is not so far away, it is only that you take determination and effort to enforce it.

Welcome to Royal Luxury Baby

With a lot of love for all of you, our first collection “DREAMS”

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