Royal History

Royal History

Our History

I am Keren Cloter A fashion designer for ten years and known for making unique designs for women and men in the entertainment world – singers, models, and actresses. Always creating innovative concepts and at the top of the latest fashion. I am passionate about creating each garment as a complete work of art.

I grew up among pieces of fabric, played hide and seek behind the sewing machines since my mother was an haute couture dressmaker and precious gems designer for beauty queen’s dresses and luxurious boutiques. I learned from her that everything you do in life you do it well or not at all

Since I was a child, I played with dolls using the dresses my older sister made for Barbies. I always said that if I ever have a daughter, I would dress her like a princess. Twenty-eight years later I was pregnant and realized my dream of having a princess was becoming a reality. I started looking for baby clothes, but I couldn’t find something that I liked in a country that due to the weather condition baby fashion is more relaxed and not fashion-forward. So, I was bound to buy everything online.I fell in love with the designs for the infants of Kings and Queens, and the European markets offer a vast supply of royal designs, with little presence in North and South America.

Months later I learned that my older sister was pregnant and was going to have a son – the prince of the house. Without planning it the two of us, that once played with dolls, would become moms at the same time. Something magical happened in us, we were sharing the same dreams. However, in reality after long searches and not finding what we wanted for our little ones; we decided to start the engine of this boat together and take our thoughts and anchor them into reality.

Then, the idea of doing something new and different from regular babies clothes was born. We decided to combine elegance, distinction, fashion, and style in the same concept. Royal Luxury Baby is for moms who want to make their dreams come true, to personalize their ideas and deliver each design as a unique concept.

To make a brand of clothing adapted to every stage of our children. Generate an innovative concept and to stand out from other baby brands. With an exclusive and fashionista style, making every garment unique in style. Transforming colors and ideas to create an exclusive design for each of our little customers, with few quantities in all collections, so our garments are unique. Introduce a new style, attracting the attention of people who like different and new. Our purpose is within everything related to the purchase and sale of clothes and accessories to meet, please and satisfy our esteemed clientele. With an idea of becoming a company recognized nationally, we seek to overcome any eventuality, competitiveness, and expectations.

We want to influence the international system, to be present in different countries and develop our products, also to become the market leader in the production and marketing of everything related to baby and toddler lines including accessories, toys, bed linen, design and decoration of rooms and special events.

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