Clothing with consciousness!
Clothing with consciousness!

Hello everyone !!

Welcome to our Royal Luxury Baby family

A luxury trend for babies

My name is Keren Cloter designer and Ceo of our line of luxury clothes for baby with conscience.

We are two colombian sisters who risked to dream to give free rein to their dreams and made them come true. If anyone has entered our link royal family within the page you will find a more detailed and complete history of our beginnings if you have not done so I invite you to do so and learn more about our history. Our company is one hundred percent Canadian with distribution point in Colombia. Currently we do not have a physical store but we manage a legally certified online store so that our customers can make their purchases safely and securely.

I would like you to know a little more about us, we created this new proposal in luxury clothes for babies, with a very special ingredient: The conscience.

The clothes are made with certain materials and fabrics to help the environment. Each type of material contributes an energy or another to our skin and even more to the delicate and delicate skin of our babies. But I do not mean just the type of material that are made of, I also refer to who has made that clothes, how much love and dedication there is in it.

The person who has made the clothes , who has collaborated in its confection is transmitting that energy to the clothes , and later the clothes transmits it to you and your baby. That is why during our process of making and dedicating ourselves to the details we have done it in an environment where we can only breathe peace, harmony and tranquility where, above all, our mission is to be happy and make others happy, but above all that infinite love that we have put to each clothes with music and audios of high spiritual consciousness to help each of the homes that are going to get these clothes to share peace and tranquility we need for the up bringing and care of our little ones.


Our designs are unique elaborated in fine jewelry, pearls, semi precious stones and Swarovski. Our buttons in golden matte finishes with raised letters are in non-toxic materials, without discoloration, or oxide of material or medium or long term. We handle few quantities per model to give an exclusive and unique concept to our brand. We use materials in aid and preservation of the environment in different fabrics, textures and colors

Our sizes are between 0 months to 3 years with the idea of ​​continuing to increase our sizing in the future to offer more options to our customers

We wanted to play with the color palette and we risk combining textures and colors in a single garmen. Giving us the privilege of giving a new style to our baby fashion

Designed and designed for people who love fashion who want their son or daughter to look like all princes of a fairy tale come true.



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