Aromas accompany us throughout our lives and have a significant role in our well-being. The different volatile odor molecules penetrate the nasal passages and transform into nerve impulses that reach the olfactory bulb, a region of the brain that belongs to the limbic system.

In this area, intuitive and automatic responses arise, though being connected to the cerebral cortex, it also influences the most complex responses. For that reason, a particular smell can make us flee from a place if it reminds us of something unpleasant or, on the contrary, bring us joy if it connects us with a happy memory.


-Symbolizes purity and freshness, can help increase energy and mood, and ideal after a nap
-Lemon is edifying and relaxing and great for strengthening the immune system.
-It can stimulate the body’s auto-defenses, good for infections such as throat, colds, bronchitis, and flu of our little ones.
-It is useful to relieve anxiety, help reduce headaches and migraines due to nervous tension.
-Excellent to improve focus and mental clarity.


-Symbolizes hope, happiness, and love. Its many benefits are happiness and tranquility, helps improve memory capacity and self-esteem during episodes of anxiety in our little ones.
-Elevates the spirit and balances moods.
-Encourages optimism and self-confidence, while reducing fear, helps to counteract apathy and indifference.
-Stimulates creativity and awakens intuition, harmonizes the different energy centers of the body improves cognitive functioning.
-Helps our babies to relieve colic, to generate a calm and restful sleep.

This energy saving card resonates many healthy and beneficial light waves that penetrate the skin and cells of the body, enriching oxygenation and blood circulation and assisting in the process of health and healing, helping restore the natural energy conversion of the body and general balance.

The benefits of the bioenergy card are:

  • 1.Improves blood circulation
  • 2.Improves endurance and strength
  • 3.Relieves pain, aches and improves flexibility
  • 4.Energizes blood cells and reduces stiffness
  • 5.Calms the mind and improve concentration
  • 6.Strengthens the body’s bioenergy field to protect it from harmful electromagnetic waves, helps fight cancer cells, and reduces inflammation
  • 7.Leave it in the refrigerator to keep your food fresh for longer
  • 8.Helps prevent DNA damage

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